Out With The Old, In With The New

For over a century, the old guard of big banks and trust companies have dominated the financial services industry. From their humble beginnings as local businesses serving a select few clients, these institutions have become massive, impersonal vending machines dispensing financial products. You, as the vendee, have had to accept these off-the-shelf, pre-packaged products, even though every financial situation is different and deserves its own, unique solution.Even as the world has progressed, investors are still left with largely the same products and solutions as existed decades ago. Brokers and “advisors” are still quick to recommend client monies be placed in high-fee and tax-inefficient mutual funds, even though these investment structures are largely outdated. Mutual funds

continue to exist and be used extensively throughout the industry, largely due to their high profitability for financial firms. These firms have created a massive amount of expensive and inflexible infrastructure has been created to deliver a wholly antiquated investment structure. At Cantilever, we use best-in-class technology and offerings to make sure your solution is customized for you and is free of conflicts of interest. We invite you to climb out of the past with us and secure your financial future with a team which works for you, and not as a dispensary of industry created products.


Cantilever Wealth Management is the dedicated investment management partner for Union Bridge Capital (UBC). UBC caters to individuals and businesses with complex financial needs and undertakes a holistic approach to managing financial matters. UBC helps integrate clients’ investment, tax, legal planning and risk management services and strategies. Cantilever implements investment services for clients of UBC while UBC advisors and strategists assist in the myriad of other financial planning matters that confront our investment clients.

Cantilever creates, manages and monitors investment portfolios for high-net-worth individuals with a minimum starting portfolio value of $1 million. Cantilever also extends its investment offerings to pensions, foundations and endowments.